On new beginnings

New beginnings are always funny beasts. How does one take the first step on a new adventure? This new blog is quite an easy first step as it were. Just a few clicks, a few choice words at wordpress as it kept telling me all my brilliant blog name ideas have already been used (am I THAT unoriginal?), a scroll through the templates and here you have it. A soapbox for me to stand on and exclaim to the world…..

what? What exactly is it that I’m wanting to communicate with this blog?

I’ve been a yogi for quite some time now (13 years!) and a yoga teacher for five of those years. But raw food? That’s only been part of the story for the past month. My brain is telling me that my career in raw food is far too fresh to be able to write with any authority on the subject. But really, who better to write about the adventures of a new raw foodie, then a new raw foodie herself?

So here you have it. I’m going to do my best to blog on a daily basis, mainly as a journal for myself but if anyone wants to join in for the ride….welcome! Welcome one and welcome all.